Richard’s Top Ten Points

Richard's Top Ten Points

  1. New El Segundo Mall (The Point) is taking our Sales Tax Revenue from us. Our sales tax has negative growth in the past few years! What has this council done to off set this!
  2. The El Segundo Mall is planning to expand with another 250,000 square feet this year. It will not only negatively impact our sales tax revenue further, but increased vehicle traffic and environmental impact to MB residents and businesses as well. What has this council done to off set this!
  3. MB Schools need our undivided support again! Lets make sure they are treated fairly in payment for the use of their athletic fields ! This council has failed to make that agreement happen! Why??
  4. Why has it taken this council two years to approve the modernization and competitive upgrades of the Manhattan Village Mall? The two incumbent council members have consistently voted against the modernization and competitive upgrades until December 20, 2016! Why?
  5. Why has it taken this council almost two years to bring the GELSONS MARKET decision to a Council Hearing? Why the delay?
  6. Why did this council “FAIL” to include EAST MANHATTAN in the Trial Period for the FREE ELECTRIC BUS SERVICE?
  7. Why does EAST MANHATTAN always suffer more POTHOLES, More missing street signs and lack of roadway improvements (no dual left turn lane from Marine to Aviation Blvd for example)???
  8. The Sepulveda Bridge at 35th often presents a bottle neck. Caltrans has Metro, Prop C and Measure R local monies available for use to remedy that, but the two incumbents have blocked those efforts. “I am strongly in favor of the bridge project which will enhance traffic flow.”
  9. Why did this council hire 14 “Non essential City Hall Employees” From 2013 to 2016 at at a cost over $1 million? and then close City Hall every other Friday?
  10. How could this council, claiming that they are “fiscally responsible”, approve a home loan for $2.3 million using taxpayer money for an assistant city manager?

Experience matters! Relationships matter!

"I will be as careful with the city finances as I am with my own family finances!"