Meet Richard

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

Dear Friends:

Richard Montgomery has been a friend and colleague of mine since 2000 when he served on the Executive Board for the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce. To tell you the truth he kind of bugged me back then, coming in everyday and volunteering, attending every event and then not surprisingly moved on to become President of Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, Chairman of the Planning Commission and then Manhattan Beach City Council as a council member then Mayor. I remember thinking, “who is this guy?”

Happily, I am ready to tell you who he is – and what he is planning to do this next year. Richard, a 30 year Manhattan Beach resident, is a candidate for Manhattan Beach City Council in March 2017 and I can’t recommend a candidate more. He is running to replace the vacant seat left by termed out council member Wayne Powell.

Manhattan Beach needs Richard.

As a small business owner in Manhattan Beach, Richard has always been “pro-business”. He has a proven track record of eight years on council as supporting our Public Safety officers, our schools, a balanced city budget and common sense revisions to our building code.

In addition, Richard, does not support the unprecedented growth of city staff (14 new staff members since 2013!) and unnecessary outside consultant expenditures (Over $3.7 million in 2016).

We all know Richard loves Manhattan Beach and committed his life to service here. He will speak for all MB residents that remain unhappy with the actions and direction of this council.

He is also a hard-worker having served on the Board of local non-profits of the Hometown Fair, the Salvation Army, the Beach Cities Toy Drive and the Manhattan Beach Fireworks Association. He is a devoted husband, son, brother, cousin, uncle and most of all a dedicated friend. He is loyal to the core and will help his friends out at a drop of a hat.

As Chairman of the Manhattan Beach Planning Commission, Richard led efforts to review and advance proposals ensuring residents the right to add on size (Square footage) to their homes instead of a complete demolition.

While on MB City Council, Richard served on the Finance Subcommittee, helped bring in the Metlox Development “under budget” and understood that resident taxpayers appreciate and recognize “fiscal restraint”.

Richard is a good man and he will be the hardest working experienced Councilman Manhattan Beach has seen in years. Please consider helping Richard by donating to his campaign.

He has earned the following endorsements for this race: (partial)

  • Manhattan Beach Council member Amy Howorth
  • Former Manhattan Beach Mayors: Bob Holmes, Jim Aldinger, Joyce Fahey, Linda Wilson, Nick Tell, Russ Lesser, Steve Napolitano, Tim Lilligren, Walt Dougher.
  • LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn
  • Former LA County Supervisor Don Knabe
  • Former CA Assembly Member: David Hadley – Manhattan Beach
  • Manhattan Beach Planning Commissioner: George Apostol
  • Former Manhattan Beach Planning Commissioners: Bruce Koch, Jim Fasola, Grant Kirkpatrick
  • Manhattan Beach Parking & Public Improvement Commissioners: Kyle King, Mark Lipps, Steve Delk, Steve Nicholson.
  • Manhattan Beach Parks & Rec Commissioners: JJ Turkmany, Kathleen Paralusz, Russ Allen, Steve Rothans, Sue Allard, Suzanne Karger
  • Manhattan Beach Board of Building Appeals: Dr. Cyrous Adami, Louie Tomaro (former)
  • LA County West Vector Control – John Frazee
  • Manhattan Beach residents (partial): Mike & Ellen Rosenberg, Bill Fournell, John & Jennifer Cochran, Chris & Karen Komatinsky, Katie Collins, Anne Kelly, Bea Zimblist, Betty Yee, Bill Hory, Bill & Susan Bloomfield, Bob Salim, Bob Sievers, Brad Jacobson, Brian Sweeney, Camille Soriano, Dave Rubenstein, David White, David & Mo Denitz, Dennis Dillon, Diane Paralusz, Dick & Helaine Whilden, Doug & Ning Rinehart, Ed & Amy McKeegan, Elaine Paralusz, Eric Sanders, Francey Marzicola, Gerry Morton, Glenn Huber-MD, Harris Bass, Grant, Shaya & Jack Kirkpatrick, Jean & Jim McMillan, Jen Fenton, JJ & Lisa Turkmany, Joe & Nancy Franklin, Joe & Priscilla Marcy, Joe Marcy Jr., John & Lisa Acker, John Wilcox, Joy Higa & Chris Tuffli, Katie Driscoll, Kim Edwards, Larry & Loren Kosmont, Loren & Shereen Lavi, Lisa Conrad, Lisa Coppedge, Louie Tomaro, Mark Hutnyan, Mary Moragaki, Mike & Renee Mulcahey, Melita and Rene Siemak, Mercedes & Gerry Morton, Michael & Annie Walker, Paul & Jan Franklin, Peter Yellin, Robert & Anita Manriquez, Shannon Murphy, Stan Ralls, Steve Delk, Steve Olivera -DDS, Stewart & Sharon Sackley, Steve & Lynne Johnson, Suzanne Hadley, Susy Werre, Sylvia Huber, Terrell & Trish Pietrzak, Tom Corley, Will Yu

Richard has always been there for us... let’s be there for him.

I respectfully ask that you donate what you can – $50 up to $300 per person, couples can donate up to $600. Corporate contributions are also accepted. If paying by PayPal, please visit CONTRIBUTE PAGE. If by check please make payable to “Montgomery for Council”, and send in care of:

Montgomery For Council
1601 N Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 560
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Bob Holmes, Former Manhattan Beach Mayor

VOTE For Richard Montgomery on November 3, 2020

FPPC # 1386291

Experience matters! Relationships matter!

"I will be as careful with the city finances as I am with my own family finances!"