"Richard has been an outstanding leader during the current pandemic crisis. His demonstrated capability working with the Governor and LA County officials has been invaluable to the Council and the City's residents. As we work through this crisis and rebuild on the other side, we need Richard to continue his leadership as a member of our City Council".

Nancy Hersman
Former Mayor and current Council member

"Richard Montgomery has a grasp on the important issues facing our City. Barbara and I support his re-election to the council."

Walt Dougher
Former Mayor - City of Manhattan Beach

"Richard has worked to improve the local communities not only Manhattan Beach but surrounding communities of the South Bay first."

Peter Tucker
Former Mayor / Councilman City of Hermosa beach

"Richard Montgomery is an extraordinarily well qualified and experienced leader and ambassador for our city."

Joyce Fahey
Former Mayor - City of Manhattan Beach

"Richard did a great job on the council and I think his leadership skills would be great to have back again."

Russ Lesser
Former MB Mayor


  • Manhattan Beach Former Mayors: Portia Cohen, Walt Dougher, Joyce Fahey, Nancy Hersman, Amy Howorth, Bob Holmes, Russ Lesser, Steve Napolitano, Nick Tell
  • Council Members: Mayor Pro Tem Suzanne Hadley, Hildy Stern, Nancy Hersman, Steve Napolitano
  • Manhattan Beach School Board: Jennifer Cochran, Jen Fenton, Karen Komatinsky, Sally Peel, Ellen Rosenberg (Former), Bill Fournell
  • LA County Supervisor: Janice Hahn
  • Manhattan Beach Planning Commissioners: Gerry Morton (chair), Richard Thompson, Ben Burkhalter
  • Parks & Recreation Commissioners: Suzanne Karger, Bruce Greenberg, Steve Nicholson, Laurie McCarthy, JJ Turkmany
  • Library Commissioners: Tracey Windes, Bob Siemak, Roberta Schreiner, Janet Jones
  • Cultural Arts Commissioners: Joe Marcy, Shannon Ryan, Fred Manna
  • Parking & Public Improvement Commissioners: Kathleen Paralusz, George Apostol, Scott Longhurst (former), Steve Delk (former)
  • Board of Building Appeals: Richard Ackerman, Tom Freitag
  • Leadership Manhattan Beach: Kim Edwards (past president)
  • Hometown Fair Board: Joe Marcy, President; Anne Kelly (past president), Bea Zimbalist (past president), Robert & Anita Manriquez, Diane Charvat, Mary Morakagi, Kim Edwards, Tom Jeffry
  • Community Leaders: Dr. Christine A. Norvell Former Principal of Pacific School, Dr. Ben & Michelle Dale, Bill Bloomfield, Larry & Loren Kosmont, Dr.Glenn & Sylvia Huber, Tom McCarthy, Roger Van Remmen, David & RL Peters, Ed & Amy McKeegan, Dennis Dillon, Charlotte Lesser, Sean Parks, Brad Jacobson, Elaine Paralusz, Diane Paralusz, Justin & Christine Ip, Jim & Jean Van Zanten, Darryl & Beata Rosen, Barbara Jo Holmes, Diane & Bob Saunders, Whitney Beller, Ellen Chao, Chris Ryan, Valerie Tell, Francey Marzicola, Larry Zimbalist, Jess & Susan Musick, Gregg Edwards, Heather De Roos, Nicole Shepley, Dr. Steve Olivera, Lucia Ames, Susan Walker, Stuart & Sharon Sackley, Ben & Ellen Padnos, Maureen & David Denitz, David & Theresa Gendron, Linda McLoughlin Figel, Ashley Adams, Liz Aloori, Betty Freitag, Chandra Shaw, Bob Beverly, Shannon Murphy & Marc Castellani, Harris Bass, Madeline Kaplan, Laurie Dillman
  • Beach Cities Health District: Vanessa Poster, Vish Chatterji

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Experience matters! Relationships matter!

"I will be as careful with the city finances as I am with my own family finances!"